The opportunity to take your growing business to the next level! The NAM70 Challenge invites businesses to work on a solution for storing large amounts of renewable energy for a long period of time.

Collaborate with NAM, The Netherlands largest gas producer, to change the game and transition the energy portfolio towards a more sustainable future. We invite you to apply and together, we can shape the energy system of the future.

Scale-ups from all over the world are welcome to join the NAM70 Challenge.

Online application for the NAM70 Challenge closed on March 16th, 2018.

The top three applicants will have the opportunity to work on their own initiative during a period of two months, while taking advantage of NAM’s expertise and existing infrastructure.

The NAM70 Challenge will end with final pitches, the winner is taking home 50.000 euro and a commercial contract to build and realize the proposed solution in one of the world’s leading gas infrastructures.


One of the big challenges towards a more sustainable future is the question of how to store large, or even massive, amounts of renewable energy for a long period of time. With a solution to large scale energy storage, renewable energy will be available whenever we want it. Even when the demand of renewable energy is higher than the supply. Large-scale energy storage solves the issue of seasonal imbalance and that will result in an acceleration of the energy transition.

As the largest gas producer in The Netherlands NAM plays an important role in the current energy system. We are dedicated to speed up the energy transition. Marking our 70th anniversary, we take this opportunity to kick-start a fresh outlook on a more sustainable future. A future that we would like to shape together with our partners and innovative solutions.

If you want to join the final event on the 6th of June, in Utrecht (The Netherlands), please send an email to

“Key in the energy transition towards a more sustainable future is that leading industry players collaborate with the leading companies of tomorrow.”



Does your company offer a solution to effectively store large amounts of renewable energy? Is your solution already tested in the lab or even in small scale test facilities? And are you and your technology ready to scale up? In that case you’re about to enter the next step with us now.

Sign up for the NAM70 Challenge, get the chance to be nominated and collaborate with us to make your idea a reality on large scale.

– Compatibility of the technical innovation with the current energy system, which is based on gas as an energy carrier.
– ‘Maturity’ of the technology; in which phase of maturation is the proposed technology? Are there already commercial applications?
– Competitiveness: is the proposition cost-competitive compared to the alternatives?
– Integration: what additional costs and facilities must NAM provide for the integration of this solution within our installations or projects?
– Quality and potential impact of the participant’s (and later nominee’s) communication and media plan.

The process

The Jury

CEO NAM and President KIVI

President of the Executive Board Technical University Delft

CEO & Chair of the Board Ecorys and
Chair Top Sector Energy

Chairman New Energy Coalition

CFO Royal HaskoningDHV

Gertjan Lankhorst

“The biggest challenge of the energy transition is to approach it in such a way that we can maintain it for decades. This transition asks a lot from our society and that is why constant attention must be paid to the support and foundation. You will only maintain that if you do not try to score quickly, but if you take measures that contribute in a smart and efficient way to the goal of reducing CO2.”

Nynke Dalstra

“The biggest challenge of the energy transition is to achieve effective implementation with a multitude of parties and interests.”

Gerald Schotman

“Key in the energy transition towards a more sustainable future is that leading industry players collaborate with the leading companies of tomorrow. Sharing knowledge, expertise and skills to accelerate. And together, we then create the energy system of tomorrow.”

Tim van der Hagen

“Energy conversion, storage and transport are inevitable for ensuring the availability of energy in the right form, at the right time, at the right place and as inexpensively as possible – without damaging the environment.”

Manon Janssen

“The most important challenge in this particularly complex transition is to now position all the right buttons on the transition dashboard, without overseeing the entire process yet – and this, with a tremendous sense of urgency and solidarity. This is what we call leadership and vision.”