Terms & Conditions

By submitting any ideas or other material you agree that NAM and partners do not have any duty to treat such ideas or other material as confidential even when such ideas or other material are marked as or referred to by you as confidential. Many Governments regulate the export of certain technical data and information.

Before submitting technical details of a technology, you MUST research applicable Export Control laws to assure your submission remains Export Control Compliant. By submitting such details, you certify that such technical information is not restricted for export. All information or advice provided as part of this NAM70 Challenge and/or website is intended to be general in nature.

NAM is not liable for any action you may take as a result of relying on such information or advice or for any loss or damage suffered by you as a result of you taking this action. By submitting your ideas or other material, you acknowledge that you have (i) taken note of the

Shell General Business Principles, (ii) taken note of the Shell Code of Conduct, and that you agree that you and your related parties shall adhere to the principles contained in the Shell General Business Principles in all dealings in connection with this NAM70 Challenge and the business resulting therefrom.

You confirm that in connection with this NAM70 Challenge or the business resulting therefrom, you are knowledgeable about anti-bribery and corruption laws applicable in the performance of this NAM70 Challenge and will comply with all such laws.

From all applications, three parties will be nominated. These three nominees will be offered office-space in the NAM building in Assen, Netherlands. An appropriate team of specialists will be assigned to each of the nominees in order to prepare their pitch for the NAM70 Challenge Jury. After the three pitches from the nominees, the Jury will designate a winner based on the NAM70 Challenge criteria.

An amount of € 50.000, – becomes available to the winner, together with a commercial contract to deliver the presented solution. The amount will be submitted within 2 months after the moment of designating the winner on terms to be agreed, including but not limited to terms on adherence to anti-bribery and corruption laws, antitrust laws and HSSE requirements, and policies on audit rights, communications and issuance of press releases.

NAM has the right to use all content produced and used in the NAM70 Challenge by candidates, nominees and by the winner in all stages, from the moment of application until delivery, for marketing purposes. NAM also has the right to disclose and share information online and offline about the NAM70 Challenge and their applications, nominees and winner.

Please be aware that for the three nominees of this NAM70 Challenge additional Terms and Conditions will apply after nomination.

By submitting your proposal, you agree with the above and confirm having read and agreed to these NAM70 Challenge Terms and Conditions and NAM Privacy Policy